Our Refund Policy…

We strive, always to make our customers happy!


If you are unsatisfied with any work we’ve performed, we will gladly issue a refund of the unused portion of any monies paid (minus eligible billable hours on work completed/performed).

If a refund is requested on a new web project and if for any reason a decision is made to not proceed with the contract, the full amount would be refunded, and the work completed would remain the property of The WebWorx.

In the unlikely event that this should occur, the client will be offered the opportunity to purchase the project work done (to that point) at a reasonable price.

If you are unsure of how long your project/work requirements will take, please feel free to consult with me by using the  Contact Form on your project. I will provide you with an initial free consultation to ensure that the work gets done quickly and at the lowest price possible.

Applicable Provincial HST or 5% GST charged on all hourly rates and package prices for Canadian customers only.

Let’s Work Together!

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You can:

  1. Schedule a consultation online immediately (it’s totally free)
  2. Use the convenient form (to the right)
  3. Just give us a call (toll free) at (855) 402-3675

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