Testimonials, Anyone??

Daily Planet knew what I wanted within 5 minutes of explaining it to him.

To my shock and surprise, he almost had all the updates done within two hours.

Fast, no explanation needed. He made it seem easy.

I have been going from one web designer to another who always made it seem as if I am asking for difficult work. I didn’t use them. I waited for the right person. I found him!!

Perfection. This is my web guy!!!

Ask Adena

Excellent web design and maintenance skills, sound business advice, trusted partner.


Babette Ten Haken, Sales Aerobics for Engineers

“An easy, professional experience every time I use Daily Planet Virtual Services for one of my web site design projects…”

Nick Warrilow, Jayne Warrilow International, LLC

Aimee and I have been with Jef (as our web designer guy and online (eCommerce & shopping cart)  guru for years now, he is the best of the best!

I refer him often to my clients. I always know I can count on him even when I create a challenging time frame!

Karen Halseth, Whattrulymatters.com

Jef offers kind and totally professional web design and maintenance support.

My skills are not in the “techy” side of business, but Jef makes all that seem easy.

Additionally, I can trust that he will direct me towards more effective ways to run my business and a reasonable cost. Finally… he’s a ton of fun and has a fabulous sense of humor!!

All good elements for effective solutions in running my online business…”

Kyle King, Wind & Wing

“The service and relationship I have with/from Jef and Daily Planet is extraordinary. I have recommended Jef to others and will certainly do so again as the opportunity is presented.”

Jim Phillips